Transformation Tuesday: "But Now I Know Love"

"I was a prostitute when I came to Neema.  The Lord changed my life and I will not go back to prostitution."

These are the words Susan shared before her water baptism in July 2015.

Susan recently shared through tears, "I have lived a desperate life. Rejection from my father was the worst thing ever and I resorted by finding comfort from men, and this made me pregnant. I bore a child who I could not take care of and thus began working in the fields, two weeks after delivery. My unhealthy lifestyle caused me to struggle with some medical conditions which i do not want anyone to know about.

Since I came to Neema I have realized there is love. I am restored.  I received treatment for my medical issues and can stand before people with confidence now.  My relationship with God was damaged and I wondered where God was when this was happening to me. I became so bitter with God and did not want Him in my life, but now I know love and my trust in the Lord has been restored.

I now know the skill of sewing, something I did not know I could know. In the village many people are liking my work and recently when we went on break someone hired me to make 4 dresses, and they paid me! 

I am proud to be here at Neema. I do not know what may have become of me if I never came to Neema."