Zeddy: Proud Mother and Entrepreneur

Zeddy is a 2014 graduate from Neema Project.  She came to Neema in a desperate situation.  She was 17, and was raising a small boy, Boutress, on her own.  She loved her son but struggled with disappointment and was not proud of being a mother at such a young age.  She had no one looking out for her and was unsafe in her home.   She came to Neema in need of healing from the inside out and hope for her future.  

Zeddy worked hard at Neema, learning Dressmaking and passing her Grade III National Certification Exam.  She had something to be proud of.  Evenmore, she experienced what it is like to live in a nurturing environment, to experience the love of Christ, and to build hope and confidence in her purpose in life.

On a recent followup visit with Zeddy (Oct 2015), we found her working on drying the maize she had harvested in her own fields.  She showed us the mud home she built earlier in the year for her to raise Boutress in.  She shares a property with her half brother and his family, but has financial independence.  She and Boutress not only eat the maize they harvest, but she also earns an income from selling what she doesn't need.  She was also provided with a sewing machine from women in the local community as a graduation gift.  When not harvesting, she uses her dressmaking skills to make petticoats to sell at the local market.

The highlight of our visit, was when she proudly shared, "I put Boutress is in the private primary school down the road, and I have no arrears!"  What a sweet gift for this young mother to be able to independently provide food, shelter, and education for her son, AND have NO DEBTS!  We celebrate these milestones with Zeddy and are proud of her determination, confidence, and her trust in the Lord.  Her presence is making a difference in her family and community.