Thankful for the support of friends both on this journey and ongoing. Today’s post is from @brianmcintire

"God, we pray for creativity, wisdom, and discernment for the leaders of the Neema Project—for Faith and the board, and for Anne and the in-country team. Thank you for each one! What an amazing team you have assembled, God! Please help them work together effectively. Please help them think of smart and creative ways to tackle the challenges facing Neema. Help them balance their compassion for at-risk young women in Kitale with their desire to build and sustain a healthy, thriving organization. Give them wisdom and discernment in making tough decisions. Give them creativity in thinking of new ways to fund the growing ministry. Help them communicate clearly, thoroughly, and regularly with one another. Give them all a strong sense of purpose and assure each one that they are playing a vital role in this important work and making a huge impact on the lives of the Neema girls and the town of Kitale."