One of my goals this year was to make this 30 days of prayer more communal. This picture is just a small sampling of some who have been able to visit Neema but I know we have so many more supporters that contribute in countless other ways (not to mention those who simply and prayerful pray… this is priceless). Please join @katymanni in this mornings prayer – she nailed it !

"Lord, I pray as a friend of friends of the Neema project. Though I’ve never had the chance to go, I thank you for the chance to know about this work You’re doing and the hope and light that is visible there through your people who said, “I will go-Send me.” I pray for those like me, who may have heard but have not seen that we would ask, “What can I do? How can I be the hands and feet of a loving Savior to the young women at Neema?” I pray that our hearts would be open to how you lead-if You ask us to pray, I pray that we’d stop and pray. If you ask us to give, I pray we’d give generously as we are able. If you ask us to go, I pray You’d prepare the way. Thank you for the sweet privilege of seeing Your work and being able to be a part of it, in big and small ways. Amen."