A Graduate Spotlight :: Phoebe

Phoebe came to Neema Project in January 2013. Upon meeting her she seemed bright and hopeful. During our initial interview, she shared that she had become pregnant, against her will, and was carrying a baby. She was brokenhearted over the situation but she wanted to keep the baby. In May 2013 she gave birth to a baby boy, Rick. At Neema Project, she was given loving care as she learned to be a mother, gained a skill that she enjoyed, and was provided with counseling to heal her heart from the brokenness she experienced in her short life. While at Neema Project, Phoebe found hope in Jesus Christ.

Phoebe recently returned to Neema Project to share what has been happening in her life since she completed the program in 2014. Here is the recent report from Anne, Program Manager:

"Praise The Lord for this girl. She works in Nairobi earning 7000 ($75USD) per month. She sends 2000 home for her mum who takes care of Rick and the rest she uses for her personal supplies. She has also been buying one item at a time for the hair salon she would like to open in the future. She came to ask for our counsel and just to say hi. She also thanked us for the chance we gave her at Neema. She says she would not have become who she is now. She is looking so organized, healthy, and smart! We could not be more proud of Phoebe. She has been diligent, hard working, and with the Lord's help, she has risen above her challenges to create a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. She is a life transformed!"