Better Together

I arrived home from Kenya last week and as I reflect on my time with the staff and young ladies in the program, my heart continues to swell with JOY! One of the many highlights for me, was spending intentional time with our current staff.

As Neema Project continues to grow, so does our Kenyan staff team. We set aside one full day for the purpose of staff development and appreciation. The day was filled with laughter, listening, and learning. We talked about the mission we are all called to as we work for Neema, the importance of being rooted in Christ, and allowing our core values to guide where we go and how we interact with all those we serve.

After a fun game of "whisper down the lane", we discussed the importance of communication. As an organization working in the US and Kenya, we recognize that it is important for us to communicate openly about things we appreciate and value about one another, express our concerns and worries, and be able to learn and grow in unity by hearing one another. Our dialogue about communication was an encouraging time of vulnerability and open sharing, something I will not soon forget.

During our time together, I asked each staff member to share what has brought them great joy working at Neema. Here are just a few of their responses:

"I am on good terms with the girls. It brings me joy to see a different Mama Abigail (Irene), since her relationship with her father was restored." (Enoch, cook)

"Seeing what God is doing in their hearts as they open up and share about their lives." (Lilian, skills instructor)

"Restored relationships in families." (Anne, Program Manager)

"Girls standing in confidence and not feeling shy about sharing what they are learning about God with others." (Mark, discipleship coordinator)

"The girls doing good work and wanting to be excellent in their skills." (Eunice, skills instructor)

Anne, Mark, Joyce, Lilian, Eunice, Elizabeth, Enoch, and Jacklyne it is truly a JOY and privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we serve the incredible young women that are lead to Neema. Thank you for striving for excellence in all that you do, and diligently seeking to fulfill the mission of Neema Project. I believe we are all better together.