GRACE: Reflections on Neema Night Out

The Neema Project is a cause very near and dear to my heart.

God is doing incredible things through this ministry, and I feel blessed to play a small part in that. One of the aspects I love most about Neema is its desire to equip women to be self sufficient and enable them to take care of themselves and their families. Women living in a society that have disregarded them and deemed them worthless are redeemed, restored and transformed. Lives are being changed in mighty ways and the one word that comes to my mind every time I think of Neema: grace.

The Neema Night Out was a beautiful evening! I always enjoy seeing pictures of each girl and hearing their story. Often I am brought to tears as I listen to the hurdles these young women have to face so early in life. Many walk a great distance to come to school, others live in poverty and brokenness. At Neema they are given the chance to learn a trade, receive the counseling they need, and have the chance to just be girls! The sheer joy on their faces as I watch the videos of the girls singing and dancing is life giving.

I left this great event filled with joy and a desire to become more involved with Neema. While fighting poverty and injustice often seem like such large and daunting tasks, Neema opens the door to helping ONE woman at a time. One woman who can touch her family, friends, community, and country. And that is something big. 


By:  Jenna W (2015 Neema Night Out Attendee)