Neema Night Out Fundraiser

September 13th was a wonderful evening of celebration as over 50 people gathered at the home of David and Melinda Snow, to pause and remember not only the work that Neema Project is doing, but to share in the joy of lives being transformed through this powerful ministry.  

The team from Providence Church hosted this wonderful night filled with photos, videos, and stories to bring Kenya a bit closer to home.  There was an excitement in the air as we were, once again, reminded that each one of us can play a part in the Neema family seeing lives transformed for the glory of God.  Faith Wise gave a glimpse of the mission and vision of Neema including stories of transformation.  Brian McIntire shared about the partnership his company, Think Brownstone Inc., has created with Neema Project over the past 2 years, allowing us to see the value and impact of an investment made in the lives of others.  Lindsay McIntire shared with each of us new ways to get involved in raising awareness and funds by utilizing peer to peer campaigns. 

Special thanks to the Providence Team who provided food and drinks for us to enjoy, David & Melinda Snow for your hospitality and welcoming all of us to your home for the evening, and each one of you who came, who gave (nearly $3,000 raised), and who prayed for our evening together.