A heartfelt THANKS!!!!

On Sunday, Jim & Kesh Witmer shared about their most recent encounter with the young women at Neema in January.  Jim specifically shared about meeting Ruth, the Neema girl that their family was matched with to sponsor and develop a friendship with.

"For the last year my family has had the privilege to love Ruth through our sponsorship. We've prayed for one another and exchanged many letters, pictures, and drawings done by our children. Every one of these communications are treasured by the Neema Students. When I arrived at Neema I was greeted by all of the students but Ruth sought me out specifically and told me that my coming to Neema was an answer to her prayers. Wow. It blew me away that our sponsorship was so important to her that she wanted to meet me in person. And that's the beauty of it all... On the other end of this $10 per week love gift is a beautiful human being that embodies love, joy, and hope for her future.  Our small gift of sponsorship is giving these young women a hope that they wouldn't have without the work of Neema. If you aren't sponsoring a Neema student, I simply have to ask, why not?  Sponsorship is simple, inexpensive, and you have the opportunity to connect with and share the love of Christ with a beautiful soul 7,000 miles away." 

 Providence Church was then presented with the LOVE Campaign, an opportunity to partner with one of the young women at Neema in their skills training.  A partnership is far more than financial, as you are able to communicate, encourage, and pray for your new friend at Neema and they will be doing the same for you.  It is a mutual blessing!

THANKS to those of you who responded to stand with one of our Neema girls as they embrace this opportunity to learn, heal, and hope for a better future!