HIV Training

This week Neema invited some local counselors to do HIV education  with the young women at Neema.  We feel it is important for each of the girls coming through Neema to hear the facts about HIV to replace the stories they are told about the disease.  There are many stigmas and false beliefs associated with HIV and we felt it was vital that these young ladies are equipped with information so they know how to handle themselves when this topic comes up.

The counselors shared general information about HIV including: what it is, the various ways it is transmitted, ways it can be treated, and so much more.  It was an eye opening conversation for many of the young women as they were able to set aside false patterns of thinking and also learn how they can protect themselves from HIV.

We are grateful to be able to partner with local community workers who have the ability to add much value to our current program and educate our young women about many topics that promote a living healthy lifestyle.