Esnus: A Girl with a Dream

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"Neema has taught me about God, and I learned to sew.  I love to sew!  Since I was a little child, I liked to watch fashion design.  I said that one day I would do fashion design."

Born to a 15 year old, Esnus was raised by her grandmother, as her mother felt unable to raise a child.  Esnus was told at the age of eight that her mother died in a car accident.  Unable to continue schooling beyond 8th grade Esnus became a casual day laborer as a way to earn money.  She went to live in a new town for work and met a man who promised to marry her.  In 2013, she became a mother to Raphael, and was left to raise her son on her own, which lead her back to her grandmother's home.  It was there that a village elder referred her to Neema.

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Esnus came to Neema with a dream of fashion design and being a dressmaking instructor one day.  At Neema, not only did she learn the skill of her dreams, Esnus found hope as she learned about the love and grace of God.  Through discipleship and counseling she developed a personal relationship with Christ.  Since beginning her journey at Neema in 2016, Esnus also successfully earned the Level 1 and 2 National Certification in Dressmaking.  

She is nearing the end of her second full year at Neema and is currently participating in a paid internship at a dressmaking shop, Gifted Designers, in Kitale town.  She is able to send her son to school and saving to purchase her own sewing machine.  She is looking forward to taking steps towards her dream as she spends her days making beautiful dresses. 

We are proud of the work Esnus is doing and look forward to watching her flourish and reach her full potential.   

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