Bountiful Harvest

This year we leased 2 acres of land to plant maize with the hope that it would produce up to 40 bags of maize to last us 1 year. Last month we successfully managed to harvest our maize.

The entire process was faced with various challenges due to the rainy season, but we thank God because it was a success.

After the entire hustle of being rained on and the maize truck getting stuck in the mud, we finally managed to get the maize home the same evening. We since spent time drying and sorting out the maize.

In all, we ended up with 30 bags of maize which should be enough for Neema to use through October 2018! Enoch, our full time cook, played a very big role in this process and we are thankful for his dedication and leadership. Praise God for the provision of maize!