"As many as touched him were made whole."
Mark 6:56, KJV

Many of us try to have a regular quiet time. As we do so, may each of us touch at least the hem of His garment and receive wholeness in the matter for which we seek Him (Matthew 9:20).
When we seek Him, it is a day when something happens that is different. We reach for Him, and all is changed.

  •  Courage to do the difficult task we feared.
  • Patience to bear with that one particular trying person.
  • Inner strength to go on when we were sure we could not.
  • A sweet freshness in our spirit, complete inner happiness, deep-flowing peace.

God's way of passing by, of letting His "hem" come near us, is to take some single word in His Word and make it breathe spirit and life to us. Then, relying upon that word - meditating, feeding our soul on it - we find that everything is possible.

My Father, let the NEEMA girls see You passing by now. We always want you to do something for us. But You want to something in us. Let the NEEMA girls want to come to Your Word and learn about Your power. Move in them, speak to them; give them a desire to want to reach out to You.

Devotion rewritten from "I Come Quietly To Meet You", Amy Carmichael.