A Look Back on 2017

2018 came rushing in with joy and excitement as Neema welcomed 22 new students 25 returning students, and 18 small children through the property gates. 

We felt it was appropriate to reflect just a moment longer on 2017, and share a heartfelt THANK YOU! Neema was able to step into the broken places of vulnerable young women in Kenya because more than 250 of you  joined us in extending value, worth, love and grace through Neema’s work.

  • 34 young women (along with their 11 children) received counseling, discipleship, and skills training along with food, housing and basic medical care.
  • 11 staff members (4 new!!!) worked diligently to meet the needs of the young women and children in our care, with excellence.

  • ALL were given the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel with 21 making the decision to publicly demonstrate their faith through baptism.

  • Our excellence in skills training was demonstrated through a 100% success rate for the young women passing the Level 2 National Dressmaking Exam and a 100% success rate for the Level 1 National Dressmaking Certification Exam.

  • Our Kenya Program Director, Anne Kasili, made her first trip to the United States and was honored to meet so many of you.

  • 4 young women were recognized and commissioned out of NEEMA after 3 years of hard physical, spiritual, and emotional work.  We are so proud of them!!!


We delight in all HE has accomplished and the transformation taking place in the lives of the young women who walk through the Neema gate. It’s hard to imagine what 2018 will offer the Neema students. Where will grief shape them and what joys will inspire them?  What growth will they experience that will make them more like Christ? How will this new opportunity change their course and refine their character? We could likely spend some time reflecting on those things in our own lives too. We invite you to join us in embracing all that 2018 will bring, pausing to delight in the midst of busyness.

May this be a year of flourishing!

Faith Wise
Neema Executive Director