Guest post by Sue, Neema Team 2018

As our van pulled off the main street I was unsure why we were stopping. Surprise! I looked out the window to see Irene and her daughter, Abigail.

I cannot express the joy that filled my heart when I hugged Irene, and she said, “Sue!”. To have this young woman who is so dear to me and who I have been praying for, recognize me, brought me great joy and reminded me that life is about knowing and being known.

You see, Irene is a graduate, and she had lost touch with the Neema staff. Abigail had been having seizures and so Irene had to stop working for awhile. Shame and fear had overtaken her.

Irene shared with us that Abigail is taking medicine now and is back in school. Six year old Abigail smiled, showed me the doll sized clothes her mom had made for her and demonstrated how her sneakers lit up when she stamped her feet. As I hugged Irene and Abigail goodbye, I reminded her that I was praying for them both. This short visit truly made my trip to Kenya worthwhile.