Hope - Guest post by Shelby, Neema Team 2018


It is day two of our trip and the girls are starting to be more engaging. During Morning Glory service, Sue shared about a difficult time she went through as a child when her parents got divorced. One lesson she that she learned during that time, is that there is nothing we can do to be loved by God more and there is nothing we can do to be loved by God less. God always loves us. Her story helped to illustrate God’s unconditional love towards us, a concept the girls desperately need to hear and understand.

After the service we broke into small groups to talk more about circumstances in our own lives and how we don’t always have to understand why things are happening, but we should know that God always love us and works for the good of those who love Him.

A few of the girls started to share their own testimonies. These girls have been through so much. One girl said that she can now read the Bible and knows how to pray. Before coming to Neema, she was not able to do that. She has only been at Neema for 6 months.


Ultimately each girl ended with the hope they found through coming to Neema. They were able to feel the love of Jesus Christ and discover who he is. They now know and are still learning that they are loved and are not alone.

It was so amazing to see that even though they have overcome so much in life already, they still find hope in Jesus Christ.

~ Shelby, Neema Team 2018