They had sweat on their backs and Neema in their hearts. - Guest Post by Missy O'Malley

I stood back right after we crossed the finish line. They were all smiling and laughing at each other. Not really the sight you expect to see after putting them through what I would consider some of the most grueling 36 hours of their lives.


Here’s why. Somehow over the course of these two days, they felt, not just their teammates, not just spectators and other teams, but HUNDREDS of sponsors cheering on their hard work.

They had sweat on their backs and Neema in their hearts.

I am certain, along with the “Help me up this hill, God!” prayers there were “This is for Neema.” prayers. I know I had them.


You see, we know that those girls have already faced days we cannot even imagine. For us being alone in the dark was our choice, we knew that with one call someone would show up to save us. This isn’t their reality.

My prayer for this race was so much bigger than to raise more money for Neema, but that we would be able to create deeper relationships as Neema Team members (not just as Ragnarians), and grow a bigger passion for what God is doing at the Neema Project.


Over a hundred people stepped up and donated from starting line to finish line this weekend. How many of them were brand new friends of Neema?

Welcome new friends! Welcome to the team! God is doing amazing things in and through you. Thank you for partnering with us!

Now, who is up for another 200 miles?!

~ Missy O’Malley

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