Our "Neema girls" are remarkable young women. Most come to the Neema Project from extremely vulnerable situations and have experienced poverty, rejection, and abuse—yet they are strong and determined—grateful for the opportunity to point their lives in a new direction. Here are some of their stories:



Emily has a daughter named Christian, who was born Sept 20, 2013. Because her family home is over an hour away, she is in our Residential Program. She enjoys reading - particularly story books. Because she got pregnant she was not able to finish school, though she did finish class 7. Her pregnancy created tension in the home, but her relationship with her parents is improving. She has enjoyed learning the skill of Tailoring at Neema and is doing very well.



Samantha has a daughter named Gaspell, born Dec 20, 2013. She lives in our Residential Program. After finding out she was pregnant, she had to leave school and only finished year 7. She is very sweet, innocent and open young lady. Helping her family by gaining a skill in Tailoring is very important to her and she is so thankful for the opportunity.



Esther is in our Residential Program. She comes from extreme poverty and has lacked basic needs most of her life. When we met Esther, she was very dejected and would not make eye contact. She has changed immensely and is quickly learning to love herself and to trust others. Her favorite thing is singing and loves the song How Excellent is Your Name.



Faith is an amazing young woman. She is open and very forthcoming with any questions asked and has shown herself to be quite a leader at Neema (from volunteering to lead prayers, worship songs, and speaking encouragement to the girls). She is excited to learn a skill that will help provide for her family. She is also a part of our Residential Program.



Bilha is an orphan and was brought into our Residential Program to provide stability for her while she is at Neema. The thing that brings her most joy is playing soccer. She finished Class 8, but her marks were not good enough to move on so she was referred to Neema. We are so thankful to have Bilha.



Lilian is so happy to be at Neema. Because of low marks in school and repeating Classes, her mother was looking for a place for Lilian to learn a trade or skill. Her mother is so supportive of her. She lives close to Neema and can easily walk to school. She has a sweet spirit and she is very shy. Her dream is to someday move out on her own and set up a Tailoring shop.



Sarah is very focused and is making the most of this opportunity that has been given to her. Her daughter Jacinta was born Sept 2010 and is so sweet. She was working as a casual worker with her mother when she could no longer attend school due to lack of fees. She enjoys singing and dancing and is in her church choir. 



Anne is in our Residential Program with her daughter Jacinta, who was born Sept 2011. She endured a very difficult living situation being raised in an environment of prostitution. We have hope that she will find healing through her time here. She is a bright girl, very focused, and determined to do well at Neema.



Brigit is one of six children in her family. She is the first born and has many responsibilities at home. Her relationship with her parents is good. She finished Class 7 in 2012, but was unable to go back to school due to lack of fees. Though she is shy, she is a hard worker and loves to read and sing.


Irene A

Irene has a beautiful little girl named Abigail, who was born in 2012. Her father had rejected her when he found out about her becoming pregnant, even though she had been raped. Just the past month though (March 2015) Irene and her father were reunited and he shared how proud he was of her that her life has changed thru Neema. It was a beautiful reunion! Irene is a very open and honest young woman, and so sweet.


Irene B

Irene has a son named Elvis, born in July 2012. She finished Class 8 but could not continue due to lack of school fees. She has a good relationship with her mother, who cares for her son while she attends Neema. Irene hopes to support her family thru the trade of tailoring when she leaves Neema. She is open and honest and enjoys singing and dancing.


Ruth A

Ruth lives in our Residential Program. She is the oldest of 5 children. They were all living with her grandmother in extreme poverty. She has a strong spiritual life and understands that Neema expects her to work hard. Due to inadequate funds she was unable to return to school, but did finish Class 7. One thing she enjoys the most is reading the Bible.


Ruth B

Ruth is an orphan and due to the extreme poverty she was living in she was invited to live in our Residential Program. She is the oldest of three children. Ruth has a good relationship with her grandmother, who is very happy that Ruth is in the Neema program. She finished Class 8, but her marks were to low to continue. Her favorite thing to do is to listen to gospel music. She is excited to be at Neema and has been working very hard.


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