Transformation Tuesday: From Internship to Job....

When we first met Esther (January 2014), she was very dejected and would not make eye contact with people.  She was shy and uncertain. She comes from extreme poverty and has lacked basic needs most of her life. In less than 2 years time, she is a different girl.  She has quickly learned to love herself and to trust others. She has gained confidence while learning the skill of dressmaking and has excelled in her work.


Upon passing the first level National Dressmaking Certification Exam, in December 2014, Esther set a goal to find an internship by August 2015. She was looking forward to put her skills to use in the workplace and learn about running a business.  She has done just that.


In September, Esther began  a 3 month internship at "Jerusalem Dressmaking."  Within her first month of being there, her boss approached the Neema staff and let them know that is so pleased with Esther's work that she would like to hire her on full-time upon the completion of her internship.  Esther is hard working, dedicated to showing up to work on time, great with customers, and produces quality work.  

We are so proud of Esther and all that she has accomplished in such a short period of time.  We look forward to watching where she goes in her life.