Samantha's Story

This video is about a Neema girl named Samantha. While her mother was in the hospital, Samantha had to stay home to take care of the family cow. She was in the field taking care of the cow when an older man working on a neighboring farm attacked her. The attack resulted in becoming pregnant. When the man found out he left town. Samantha went into labor while the doctors at the hospital were on strike and gave birth to her baby girl on the floor of her hut with her mother’s help. She came to Neema with hope for a better future for her and her daughter, Gaspel.

Ruth's Story

This video tells the story of Ruth, one of our Neema girls and her walk to school. Ruth is an orphan. Both of her parent’s died of HIV (father died in 2002 and mother died in 2004). There are 3 children in the family. Ruth is the first born, her sister Celestine is 14 and Lydia is 12. The children have been supported by React and Veronica Home (in-home care programs operating in Kitale). Ruth and Celestine have been living with their grandmother, and Lydia (HIV Positive) is in the Veronica Home. Ruth has a good relationship with her grandmother and the grandmother is very happy that Ruth is in the Neema program.