Neema is a US Non-profit and Community Based Organization in Kenya providing skills training, counseling and discipleship to vulnerable young women from Kitale and surrounding villages. Our students are trained to become certified dress makers and tailors through a rigorous educational and national certification process. Training encompasses all aspects of the craft from sewing machine mechanics and repair through dressmaking and tailoring theory and practical application.

In addition, Neema has a residential program required during the first year in the program. Each young woman and her child are provided with a safe home environment, clean water, food, and medical care - so they can get the most out of the restoration and training program. A house mother lives onsite to provide counseling and to teach the girls how to care for themselves and their children. After the first year, they transition back to their homes and participate in the program during the day.

The young women at Neema come from situations where they have experienced some level of rejection, extreme poverty, abuse, or other trauma. We believe that each individual life is significant and that through restoration and education we will see transformation in the heart of each young woman, in her family, and in her community.


The young women who are invited into the Neema family are coming from extremely vulnerable situations that have caused them to experience rejection, a lack of dignity, and a very low sense of self worth. We desire to address these issues through love, grace, healing and healthy relationships. Neema is committed to providing individual and group counseling, mentoring, and discipleship. We place a strong emphasis on individual heart transformation enabling each girl to see their full potential.


Neema is designed for young women with limited education. There are few employment opportunities in Kitale for those without education or specialized training in a skill. While extreme poverty and other life situations prevent them from receiving a traditional education, we provide them with professional training in tailoring, dress making, and embroidery. Our instructors teach through the national curriculum, preparing them to gain national certification. Our hope is that each young woman graduates with a useful trade that can provide her with dignified work.


When each young woman graduates from Neema, it is our hope that she will reintegrate back into her home community and that her presence will transform the lives of her family and community members. Our hope is that she will love and encourage them, helping to restore their hearts as hers was restored. We also hope that she will use the training she received to impact her local economy – doing an apprenticeship, getting a job, or even starting her own small business.


All of this is made possible through partnerships with individuals, businesses, churches, and community groups who are like-minded in their desire to extend love and grace in order to see these lives transformed. Find out how you can get involved or contact us if you have any questions.