Gaining Confidence

This week Faith, Sara, Brigid,Ruth, and Maureen shared a report on the national dressmaking exams they took last week.  They were so confident in their work and proud that they were able to complete the dresses in the allotted amount of time.  

Madame Irene accompanied them to the exam site and reported that some of the instructors were assisting students during the exams.  She refused to do so, because she wanted the girls to see that they could do the work on their own without cheating.     

The Neema girls stood out among the large group of young women taking the exams.  They were confident, worked to complete the assignment in good quality and a timely manner.  The manager of the school that hosted the exam asked to visit Neema Project so she could see the program that is producing such hardworking young women.  

This is exposure is a great confidence booster for the Neema girls as they face their fears, trust in God, and embrace the challenges put before them.  we continue to pray that their hard work will pay off and that they will be provided with work at the completion of their time at Neema.