Oh the Range of Emotions

By: Cricket G (2015 Team Member)

I am feeling so many emotions and I'm not quite sure how to process any of them.  

JOY... in the girls faces, and I get small glimpses throughout the day, when I get to sit with them or play games with them.

Frustration... over so many things.  Inner struggles of feeling incompetent to the frustrations and anger I feel knowing that these girls have endured such opposition; some of them not even realizing that their lives have been so broken for simple human pleasure and brokenness in their abusers.

Sadness... hearing the stories and then meeting these beautiful girls.  I wonder how sad God must be to see our turning from Him and His design for loving Him in all that we do.

Overwhelmed... because, let's be honest.  I have cried more int he past few days than I have in the past year (or several years for that matter).

Heaviness... because the overwhelming weight in all of it can nearly consume you.

But, most of all, the feeling that I experience the most is HOPE.  God is faithful and He provides (MAtthew 6:22-26) and He has every hair on our heads counted (Matthew 10:30) because He loves us so much that He sent His only son for all of us sinners.  Not only did He send His son, but He sent Him to be ridiculed, scorned, shamed, beaten, abused and ultimately killed for us.....sinners.  Even though it feels impossible to experience the things we experience sometimes, it's not because our time is not His time; our ways are not His ways.  He is Father and  He has great plans for us beyond this broken world.