This month marks four and a half years of life transforming work for Neema. It has been an awesome journey together watching the Lord supply every need and transform many lives thus far.


There have been countless blessings along the way, but today it is a pleasure to share with you one specific area of growth as an organization. Working together to accomplish our mission to serve and equip vulnerable young women in Kenya has only been possible because of those who have volunteered their time and talent of behalf of this work. From board members to sponsorship coordinators, photographers to prayer coordinators, web designers to fundraisers, story tellers to trip leaders each one has played a vital role in advocating on behalf of those we serve and telling this story of grace with integrity and passion.

In addition to our incredible Kenyan staff team working in Kitale, we wanted to share the names and faces of those who are serving day to day here in the US to help guide, guard, and fuel the mission.  

A special thanks goes out today to our Board of Directors: Rebecca Howell, Emanuele Madanat, Brian McIntire, David Snow, and Rita Schaer for their passion and willingness to help guide our organization in this next season of growth. To Melinda Snow, Lindsay McIntire, Kesh Witmer, Brenna Carnuccio, and Sue Kelly you are investing in the deep work of partnership, story telling, and advocating on behalf of the vulnerable. Your passion for the Lord and the work of Neema allows others to be drawn into this incredible work that is changing the lives of young women and inspiring hope for their future. Click here to see all of our staff & volunteers!

Thank you to all of you who have given your time, talent, and treasure to help fuel this powerful work. I believe, we have only just begun! 

Faith Wise
Executive Director for Neema