Guardians Day

On June 29th, Neema held a meeting for the parents and guardians of our Neema students. This is always an exciting time for them to greet one another and see the progress their daughters are making in developing their skill, and also a special time of sharing the changes they see in their lives.  

The day began with the Neema staff meeting with the parents and guardians reminding them of the important role they play in the lives of the young women. Jackie Birungi, our counselor, shared that they are the first ones their daughter’s will look to for love and acceptance. She encouraged them to listen, create time for them, and pray for wisdom to handle the issues their children bring to them. They were encouraged to watch their reactions, even when handling discipline, so that their relationships can continue to grow and their daughters will feel loved.  

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Many of the guardians responded in gratitude for this wise counsel that will benefit them. Some expressed sadness at the mistakes they have made as parents. They all learned it is not too late for them to love their daughters well.

One mother shared, “I appreciate the entire Neema staff for keeping in touch more closely and the grace of God that finally my daughter is here.  I’m grateful for their teaching, since Neema has been known out there for its good work. They are directing our girls spiritually, they have played a bigger role than even us parents, and we need to pull up our socks. I would have lost my daughter completely to the world if I would react harshly.”
Another shared, “My daughter is from a separated family because their father and I aren’t together and this has caused all my children to be divided since there is no union among them. It has made my children, including Susan, to have a very low self esteem even before the world. But now my daughter has really developed confidence and she’s now outstanding among my children. I’m so grateful. Today I have realized that it’s we parents who failed to play our part, how I wish I got this counsel earlier. But all in all I’ve got the counsel now through my beautiful gift, my daughter.”

Their time together ended with the Neema girls and parents gathering together for a time of sharing and encouragement. One of the women there concluded the meeting by reminding each of the Neema students to embrace the opportunity they are given at Neema and to work towards becoming self-reliant. She encouraged them to shine like the stars and remain focused on God, trusting Him to give them a breakthrough in life. She encouraged them that God is rewriting their history and they will have the ability to make a change and impact for the next generation.

We thank God for this special day of sharing, learning, growing and loving together!