Our WHY - We believe that every young woman is valuable and seen as worthy of love and grace.

Our MISSION - Neema Project exists to serve and equip vulnerable girls through counseling, discipleship, and skills training.

Our VISION - To create an environment, where vulnerable girls, experience healing, to bring transformation to their hearts, families, and their community for the glory of God.

Compassion - It is through love that we are motivated to meet needs.
Integrity - We are consistently committed to strong ethical and moral practices to create trust through high levels of accountability.
Partnership - Fostering relationships for the purpose of maintaining cultural identity and community building.
Dignity of Women - Women are worthy of dignity and self-worth because they are equally created in God. We empower women to be productive hope-filled members of society.
Discipleship - Cultivating Christ-centered mentoring for the purpose of personal and community transformation.