Irene: A Survivor, Filled with Joy

When Irene arrived at Neema in 2014, she was a 16 year old mother of Abigail, who completed 5th grade and then was forced out of school after abuse lead to a pregnancy.  Irene faced the rejection of her family and was searching for HOPE.  She loved her daughter and turned to Christ for comfort and strength.  A village elder referred Irene to Neema, and her life took a dramatic shift.

At Neema, Irene and baby Abigail, found a new nurturing home and a loving family upon their arrival.  Irene has been loved and nurtured in the classroom and outside of the classroom.  Her identity is in understanding that she is a daughter of Christ first.  She is a excelling in the classroom and basic life skills, as she has learned how to prepare food, care for her child, engage in community life.  She is a survivor of violence and rejection, and her heart is filled with joy and expectation of what is to come.

Recently Irene shared, "Being at Neema has helped me to overcome challenges at home.  I want to work hard to have the best future for my daughter.  I have learned that Jesus can help.  God has changed my life.  I am someone better than I was before.  I have learned to pray and to offer forgiveness to those who hurt me"   

We have watched as Irene has become a leader at Neema in character, hard work, and commitment to walk in love.  She will be staying with us as we launch our third year reintegration program in 2016.  She look forward to watching her continue to excel and rely on Christ to direct her way.