A few years ago, our head teacher, Joyce, suggested that we begin having our girls at Neema sit for the Class 3 Dressmaking Exam.  She felt that the young ladies going through the program are prepared well enough to be successful and that there is something about that piece of paper verifying their skills that would add to the employability of the girls.

The class 3 exams take place in December, and the girls are always full of nervous anticipation as they day draws near.  They work hard and practice their skills over and over and over again.  The exam is a written theory exam with a timed practical exam as well. They are asked to bring a specific length piece of fabric and then given a pattern to complete in a certain amount of time.  Each year our Neema Girls have passed!  Every. single. girl.

This year was no different.  IreneA, Emily, Phylis, IreneB, Faith, RuthA, RuthB, Maureen B,Sara, Bilha, Maureen A, Naomi, Esther, Anne, and Bridgit all sat for their exams.....and PASSED!

Congratulations to Teacher Joyce and Teacher Eunice who invested hours of their time teaching and preparing the girls for the exam.  Congratulations to this determined group of young ladies who have worked so hard to learn a new skill this year.  Your hard work has paid off and you are recognized for all that you have learned!

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