January 2016 US Team (of ALL STARS)

Thank you to the team of Neema volunteers who travelled from Pennsylvania to spend 4 days with the young women and staff at Neema Project.  You brought joy, laughter and encouragement with you and you accomplished much during your short time in Kitale.  

Melinda S: team leader & so much more, Lindsay M: photography, Sarah R: photography & video, Rita S: tailoring expert & business owner, Kesh W: sponsorship coordinator, Jim W: business owner.  Each one used their gifts, passions and expertise to provide encouragement and feedback to Neema as an organization, they deepened relationships with the Neema Kenya family, and they brought back photos and stories for us to share with all of you!   

Thanks for all your hard work and taking time away from your families to serve Neema Project in such a vital way!