Congratulations to Sarah!!

Sarah came to us in 2014, along with her daughter Jacinta (5).  She has excelled as a student at Neema and proudly passed the Level 1 & 2 National Dressmaking Certification Exams.  In January, Sarah moved into our new transition home and has been working in the Neema Production Shop.  She has worked hard to develop her skill and learned much about customer service.

Last week, Sarah, went to her first job interview at a busy shop in Kitale.  She SHINED at her interview and was offered a job and invited to start the very next day.  Here was the note that was sent to our Neema Project Program Manager regarding Sarah's interview and employment.

Dear Madam:  

This is to acknowledge that Sarah seems to be a good performer and hard worker.  we have not had power since the morning but regardless, Sarah has managed to make a gathered skirt.  She understands well how to fix the band and a zip.  I am comfortable to have her at my workplace as one of us.  I informed her that she is to report early morning by 7:30/8am.  I will give her some allowance for lunch and a starting salary of 4500ksh  ($45).

Thanks in advance. 


Join us in congratulating Sarah on her first job using her new skills.  Her hard work and determination to develop her tailoring and dressmaking skills have paid off.  She is one step closer to independence and will be saving her funds so that she is prepared to take care of herself and Jacinta upon graduation in December.