A Warm Embrace

On Wednesday, a team from Providence Church was welcomed by the Neema girls, after 2 long days of travel.  The girls greeted the team at the gate and a welcome of dancing and cheering commenced as they all made their way to the living room for worship, morning glory and introductions.  In the middle of the dancing and singing a warm embrace took place.  Do you see it in the photo above?

We value partnership at Neema and have invited people to support the education of our Neema girls.  Each individual or family has the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with one of the Neema girls through letter writing, prayer, and encouragement.  Chare`and her family have developed a relationship with Samantha (and her daughter Gaspell), for more than two years.  

Today, in the midst of worship and celebration, they spotted one another across the room and had an opportunity to embrace and talk to one another face to face for the first time.

Thanks to all of you who have taken time to invest in these young ladies through prayer, finances and encouragement!  

"When having worship and morning Glory and then seeing a girl you have written for 2 years, we drew towards one another and held each other with lots of love. No words!" (@charedawn:Instagram)