2016 Year in Review

At NEEMA we believe that every young
women is valuable and seen as worthy.

Last year more than 250 of YOU joined us in demonstrating value and worth to the vulnerable young women at NEEMA. Through YOUR generosity, 2016 would best be described as a year of growth. Like any other year, there were hardships, but, what SHINES is the growth! 

37 young women received counseling, discipleship, and skills training along with food and basic medical care.
8 staff members worked diligently to meet the needs of the young women in our care, with excellence.
ALL were given the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.
7 young women were interns at our first Neema Shop where they could work for up to 1 year: completing sewing contracts from the local community, gaining a year of work experience, developing customer service skills, and saving their earnings for 1 year to be used to purchase their own machine in December.
Our excellence in skills training was demonstrated through a 100% success rate for the young women passing the Level 2 National Dressmaking Certification Exam and a 98% success rate for the Level 1 National Dressmaking Certification Exam.
Over 400 individuals (parents, government officials, pastors, guardians, and community members) came to a Community Day hosted by NEEMA to celebrate the life changing work taking place through this program.  
10 young women were recognized and commissioned out of NEEMA after 3 years of hard physical, spiritual, and emotional work.  We are so proud of them!!!

2016 was a year of growth and healing, a year
of grace given and grace received.

It was a year of forgiveness, new opportunities, and hope restored. Within each young woman at NEEMA resides a history maker, ready to break free from extreme poverty and hopelessness.  

We are embracing 2017 with much hope and expectation, believing the best is yet to come!  At NEEMA, we are thankful for each story being rewritten and that Jehovah has the final say!