Meet Mercy


Mercy came to Neema in January 2018 with the desire to learn a skill that will enable her to earn a steady income to help provide for her family.

"I got pregnant as a teenager because of the situation at home. My son, Samuel, is 3 years now. We lacked so much in our home that everybody had to look for her own means. Since I dropped out of school, I joined a savings group. I would work in people’s gardens to get little money and I saved at the group and manage to buy myself a cow."

Mercy is resilient and hard working, filled with hopes and dreams for herself and Samuel. She came to Neema still dealing with the grief of losing her father and having made some poor decision.

She recently shared, "I happened to get involved in alcohol issues so I was arrested and imprisoned for some days. While in jail, I went through a lot. I had a hard heart until I heard some of your teachings at Neema. I think God will help me change. I know God loves me and that’s why He brought me here."

Young women, like Mercy, are why Neema exists. Her journey at Neema has just begun, but her life has already been impacted because of the care and instruction she has received. At the heart of everything Neema does is extending grace and sharing the love of Christ generously, and it is transforming the life of Mercy and many others.