What's Better: Single or Married Life?

If you were asked what’s better, single life or married life, what would you say? Your response likely be a reaction of your life experiences. Linder K, our on-site counselor, ran one of our most recent social classes around this question. Both our 1st and 2nd year students attended the class and were mixed up to keep things balanced.


Linder facilitates these social classes on a weekly basis but this would be the first time the girls were asked this particular question. She said, “It was a great way for the girls to share their different views and to have fun.” Through debating the girls have an opportunity to learn how to speak in public and to develop cognitive and language abilities.

It can be all to easy to think of debating as a negative thing, a practice that only creates division and antagonism. In our Western political climate, this is often true. However, a healthy debate can be used as a means of developing communication skills. By sharing their opinions and then practicing active listening, the Neema girls learn how to critically consider why they think what they do. They also become open to other perspectives as they listen to their close friends defend an alternate point.


Being asked such a poignant and emotive question as whether single or married life is better, the Neema girls are bound to have pretty strong opinions. One may have been raised by a kind mother but abusive father, and therefore dislike the idea of marriage. Or, perhaps because of strong social stigmas against independent women, she assumes that married life is her only reasonable option. If she were blessed with parents in a healthy monogamous relationship, she may be in favor of marriage. Through giving and receiving in the safe community that Neema is, each and every girl can grow in her perspectives, self-confidence, and compassion. Whichever path she chooses, it can be informed and one that she decides to take.