national exam

Taking an Exam Otherwise Thought Impossible

For the first time ever, a group of 3rd year students are going to sit for the highest level dressmaking exam in Kenya! We are thrilled to share this because it’s a huge step for Neema. None of the young women at Neema have received a high school diploma, many have not gone to school beyond the 8th grade.


Their limited education, is one factor that leaves them vulnerable and eligible for a spot at Neema. In 2014, we became aware that because of the rigorous dressmaking curriculum at Neema, our students were eligible to sit for the National Dressmaking Certification Exam. These are the same exams they would take if they were attending a technical college! 

Every year, we allow our students to register for the national dressmaking exams. It gives them a sense of purpose to be working toward a goal and a deep sense of pride having those certificates with their name on them. It indicates that they have successfully learned a difficult skill and are prepared to work for another business or start their own.  By providing high level skills training, every young woman who graduates from Neema, has an opportunity to develop her future. 


It is an honor to see these young women grow emotionally and spiritually, so that they are prepared for this difficult step in their understanding of dressmaking. Transformation and restoration so often pave the way for a person to be ready for hard work. 

Girls that have come from extreme poverty in Kitale and the surrounding areas are now able to step into the same futures as those who were handed far more in life. We’re impressed with our dedicated in-country staff who have led these girls this far, and of course, we couldn’t be more proud of these precious young women!